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The Furious Vanquishers are a successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists founded in the 23rd founding of the 37th Millenium due to the Emperor's Tarots revealing the need of a new Chapter to be formed in the Segmentum Ultima. This was apt timing due to the considerable casualties various Astartes Chapters had taken in the preceding millennia. The Adeptus Mechanicus undertook the task of testing gene-seed stocks received from tithes from the Imperial Fists to ensure the genetic foundation for the new Chapter will be stable. Whilst this was happening, entire Forge Worlds were turned over to the manufacture of a new arsenal of weaponry, ammunation, power armour, vehicles and most impressively a new Battle Barge and Strike Cruisers; for unlike most Chapters, the Furious Vanquishers were decreed by the Tarot cards to be a fleet based chapter. This new Battle Barge- named Reaver, boasted a size beffitting of a fleet based Chapter's flagship.

Beffiting true sons of Dorn, the Furious Vanquishers excel in siege warfare; whether it be in the unyielding defence of a fortified position or an effecient and unrelenting assault. Due to their focus on this, the Chapter favours the use of Centurion warsuits amongst their elite First Company and beyond, possessing an impressive number.

Adhering to the Codex Astartes, the chapter boasts a nominal force of ten full companies, but due to the constant state of warfare and the sheer amount of resources required to make starships, they have a rather small fleet of merely four capital ships in addition to escorts.

Their gene seed is free from any known contamination, reproduces stably, and produces the full range of Space Marine organ implants. 

Over their intense few millenias of existence; the Furious Vanquishers' have formed bonds of battle with a plethora of allies. It is beyond contestation however that the Vanquishers have formed an unbreakably close bond with the Battle Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas, forged in the fiery crucible of many a battle. Their zealous bravery impressing even the standards of the Astartes. It goes without saying that they have maintained a bond with their progenitor Chapter and indeed all the sons of Dorn. In addition to this, they have discovered an efficient synergy when fighting alongside the Tempest Angels; finding their honorable nature, reliability and tactical effectiveness a welcome addition on the field. Indeed, in these past few centuries in particular they have shared more battlefields with them than any other Chapter.

Of course the other side to this coin is that they have honed a particularly fierce hatred for Orks, with whom they seem to be in constant battle with- the majority of deployments are against these foul xenos.

Customs and Beliefs:

The nature of a fleet based Chapter means that they do not have a home world to recruit from, and so find aspirants from the hardiest of populations on a myriad of planets they cross in their crusades. Commonly, they recruit from the planets they liberate from hostile presences, the locals already having had a taste of the horrors of war. If a planet is rendered inhospitable from the fighting which happens more often than not due to the nature of orks, the Vanquishers uplift entire populations and give them the option to join their crusades in the form of enlisting with the non combatant vessels that accompany the fleet and help keep them running in terms of food and fuel. Many feel honour-bound and so awed by the Astartes that they readily leap upon the chance to repay the debt and be part of something much bigger than themselves- a chance not many receive. This has lead to a close relationship between the Vanquishers and the humans they have saved, leading to dedicated humans taking up the roles servitors and serfs normally would- barring hazardous or particularly mindless tasks. Their preference for this manner of recruitment means they must always stay active to replenish their numbers by liberating war-torn worlds, as the majority of their aspirants come from their success.

This has lead to such levels of activity that they are considered to in essence be a crusading chapter; constantly moving with their fleet from conflict to conflict.

The Vanquishers' combat doctrine revolves around siege warfare like their progenitor Chapter, being able to field a high amount of Centurion warsuits. The vast majority of grievously wounded Vanquisher heroes are interred into Ironclad dreadnoughts, as opposed to other classes of Dreadnought. This focus on siege tactics has shown to be the tide changer in many a theatre of war; with the Chapter's forces being renowned for stubbornly and effectively holding defensive positions and showing great skill in fortifying them further. Their expertise is not limited to defence however, as they have proven time and time again they are frighteningly effective at taking enemy positions- usually through the brave storming of Centurion warsuits wielding heavy bolters and grav cannons alongside Ironclad dreadnoughts after the enemy position has been softened up by Thunderfire cannon barrages from afar.


Furious Vanquishers' Fleet.


10 full Battle Companies.

1 Chapter Master
10 Chaplains.
10 Captains
10 Apothecaries.
42 Techmarines.
7 Lexicaniums.
6 Codiciers.
8 Epistolaries.
1 Chief Librarian.

Notable Members:


Furious Vanquishers Chapter

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