Furious Vanquishers' Fleet

Despite being a fleet-based Chapter, due to the constant state of warfare and the sheer amount of resources required to make starships, they have a rather small combat fleet of merely four warships, discounting escort class ships and non-combat vessels. 

Reaver: This colossal ship is large even for a Battle Barge as befitting the flagship of a fleet based Space Marine Chapter. Large enough to house the entire Chapter, its vast armouries of weapons and vehicles as well as the rest of the facilities usually found in a Fortress Monastery such as a grand library, apothecary, oratoriums, trophy rooms and even crypts. Interestingly, various parts of the ship are said to have developed their own habitats- such as hydro-cultures used to grow vegetables and other organic food-matter in artifical environments. 

With such precious cargo stored within, it is natural that this warship boasts outstanding defense systems and immense hangars to house a myriad of thunderhawks and other smaller vessels to carry Astartes into battle and launch punishing assaults whether in space or in the atmosphere of a planet. These weapons capable of bombarding planets to utter destruction are even more fitting given the Chapter's focus on siege assault.

Oblivion: This strike cruiser was constructed alongside Reaver in the 37th Millenium as one of the first ships intended to build up the newly found Furious Vanquishers' fleet. Battle scars litter the hull of this sole surviving strike cruiser, a testament to the skill of its now experienced crew and the craftmanship of its construction.

Guardian: This Strike Cruiser is different from the standard pattern by virtue of having much thicker armour; whilst being slower because of this, it is capable of taking far heftier punishment- thusly it is often put in the front of assaults and is the choice of vessel for important cargo when the Reaver is not present. Its fortified state also grants a boon when closing in for boarding actions, capable of pushing through barrages to close in on its prey. This ship was captured as a prize of war, the ship being hoarded as a prize by renegades in the orbit of a death world that the Vanquishers cleared out.

Vehemence: The newest of the Vanquishers' ships; this strike cruiser has seen its share of fierce combat despite being the youngest in a family of war vessels.

Escort Vessels: Far smaller and less impressive escort ships border the fleet when moving through space and launch advanced patrols to keep the rest of the fleet safe. 

Non-combatant vessels: A host of smaller ships accompany the warships; comprised of vessels that have a primary function of keeping the fleet running. Entire ships are dedicated to artificially growing food, whilst others are mobile re-fuelling stations. The large majority of the crew come from uplifted populations of planets that the Vanquishers have liberated from planets made inhospitable by the wars there. Liberation of entire populations requires a large capacity, thusly the fleet also boasts a large quantity of transports, even including a handful of Universe Class Mass Conveyers. 

Furious Vanquishers' Fleet

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